Daycations with Dere

For most of us , it is summer time. Which means hot sunny days, ice cream , the time to make memories and vacation time! There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking time for my self and going on a vacation (well food of course). Unfortunately, for me I am on a tight budget after my time in Italy and can’t afford to go cruising. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on all the fun! So if you too are on a budget and need some you time keep reading..

DAYCATION ! A daycation is basically a day vacation where you can put aside your worries and bullshit and just relax. So that is exactly what I did. First I made a list of my favorite things to do on vacation.

1. Different routine

2. Food

3. Freedom

4. The drinks

5. Enjoying the fresh air!

6. Pictures, or it didn’t happen!

After making this list I realized although doing these 6 things in Europe or on the beaches of St. Thomas was amazing, those things are also do-able any place in the world including my backyard. Yes I said it, my back yard! I bet you can guess what I did next. I put together a little picnic for my self in my backyard that literally hit each of the things mentioned on my list. I gathered some books I have been wanting to read to change up my routine ( when is the last time you’ve read a good book? If recent,drop some titles in the comment section).Next, I gathered some of my favorite snacks like almonds, granola and fruit and made a mini fruit bowl (recipe in “For My Foodies” section) . Freedom was the easiest part for me. I just threw on a swim suit without a care in the world . I didn’t have to worry about if I was wearing too less hell,  I didn’t even shave off the little stubble on my legs (NOW THATS TRUE FREEDOM). After commending myself I grabbed a bottle of my favorite moscato ,went out side with my little picnic basket and enjoyed the fresh air (and the ridiculously hot sun) . Once I reached near the end of my book , I was able to take in the moment and take some bomb ass picture (on my Instagram @missderehney) to capture this happiness ! To some this may not seem like a vacation, but for me it was. I almost felt as if I was back in Italy, surrounded by life and postivite vibes and ALL for $0 . This was my daycation and I plan on sharing some more daycation ideas in case you want some ideas on how to relax or get some you time! Until next time. 1501108802153


Home is where the Po’boys live⚜️



Louisana. The state where you can find the best muffulettas like EVER, the tastiest Po’boys and so much more. Before this trip I took to Louisana, I actually used to live in Louisiana with my family. Having this opportunity to visit where I grew up was amazing. Especially seeing New Orleans! You know the city of Jazz, The main setting for THE ORIGINALS (I’m obsessed ) and the world famous Café du Monde.       IMG_7410If you haven’t been I highly recommend going !( stay at the Dauphine Hotel..3rd/4rth floor are haunted) and if you’ve been before, plan another trip with your friends, family ,lover whoever. Get yourself a buddy and head there.  (Like I did 👇🏾)IMG_7056It’ll leave you wanting more (Jester’s Daiquiris) I mean more culture! Lol



Any of these places look familiar or interesting? Feel free to let me know your opinion of some of my favorite hotspots in NOLA or other places in Louisiana(LIKE CANES)IMG_7225

Read me when feeling negative. 👎🏾

1491008028491Before coming to Italy I had this idea that my entire life was going to change for the better.Someway and somehow when I returned home I would be a new woman. Instead of my life changing, my perspective on life has.I’m starting to see things a little differently .How so you ask? Well let’s see, back home I was always stressed with work , school and God knows what else. Constantly being on the go never allowed me to relax a little and enjoy the moment. Here I’ve enjoyed SO many random moments it’s hard to keep count. Whether it was spending hours in he kitchen whipping up dinner for my roommates or my solo walks through the busy Florentine streets. I was able to marinate the moment. (Yes, I said marinate) Something else I see differently here is the positivity. No, I’m not saying Italy is the best place in the world (pretty close) or you’ll always be happy (you will once you eat truffled pizza)! That’s unrealistic, plus happiness just like everything in this world is not permanent. Happiness comes and goes just like life. What I’m saying about positivity is the architecture, the vibes and even the people (except for the scammers and haters) are forms of positivity! How can you be in Italy and not be positive? When I have negative thoughts or bad vibes from people I think about where I am and how extremely lucky and blessed I am to be here in Italy! ( & for those who are thinking , anyone can go to Italy.. that is true, however why isn’t everyone in Italy?)Being in Italy , thus far has inspired me beyond measures and given me so much confidence in myself. Sorry for this post being so long , but I thought I would share some positive vibes to whoever reads this. Don’t let anyone break you, taint your positive energy or steal your mojo. You don’t have to be in Italy for your perspective to change about life and even yourself (the food, fashion and scenery is a bonus) but you do have to take a minute and take in life while you’re living in it!

*Random fact: this dope ass picture was captured in Mykonos, Greece. Such a positive beauty .. am I right?!(No not me , the pic)

My 3 Favorite things: Food, Fuckboys and more Fashion

It is now my second week here in Florence, Italy and I have found just a few more reasons to fall in love with Italy. The first is the ..

FoodEvery corner you turn around there are pizza shops and gelato shops that it makes it impossible to make a decision on what places to eat. So like the awesome person I am, I’ve made it a little easier for you in case you find yourself wanting to fall in love with Italy like I have!  

Pictured Left to right:

Black Bar: Looking for some tastey tiramisu gelato or some healthy but mouthwatering pizza ? Check this place out! Located near the town square, always crowded but definitely worth the hassle.

Zaza: (MY ULTIMATE FAV)So this place has a very fancy vibe going on, but don’t worry you don’t have to dress to impress to visit this place. The steaks are huge and they even have truffles pasta at a reasonable price. Now make sure you make some room for the cheesecake because it is to die for!! (Bonus the staff is really attractive as well)

Lampredotto Food Stands: You can find at least 5 of these Food stands spreaded throughout the city. Now if you are a fan of having food change your life, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! You have the option of having your delicious lampredotto soaked in a steamy broth with basic green sauce or having it spiced up with some chili sauce.They are made fresh to order and absolutely addicting.

Tea Room: This cute bar was discovered while I was getting lost in the city. There are 3 major sections in this cafe. First there is the main floor that is made for bigger meals, next there is the bar area where couples tend to linger at then there is an outside patio where you get a perfect view of the city streets.

The Diner: The Diner is like Cracker Barrel  with an Italian twist. So they take traditional breakfast favorites and recreate them the Italian way. The theme of the restaurant is an old fashion American diner with spacious seating and lively music ( heads up the staff kind of sucks).

Fuckboys: The Italian boys are literally beautiful here. Strong accents , full beards and plus they are Italian! But apparently no matter what country you are in, there’s no escaping  them! (Fuckboys , that is) They try flirting with you and turn around and do it with another girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?!??? Then they turn around with their beautiful accents and win you back over.. let’s say it together F U C K B O Y S. Another thing I noticed with these fuckboys is that they are really not gentlemen like. I have had atleast 10 guys damn near push me off of the side walks when I’m walking and the other 12 try and speak another language when sexually undressing you with their eyes. Let’s say it one more time F U C K  B O Y!

Fashion: During my second week here, I was blessed with the amazing  opportunity to sit down with the fashionable creative director of the biggest advertising agency/public relations firm in Italy.   During this interview I was able to gain insight on what it means to be innovative and too see how passion and work can lead to making your dreams come true! I was able to get a walking tour of Aria Advertising as well as some secret locations .  Having the interview inspired me to change up my style and try new things, seeing how color and and bold prints being put together in a sandwich makes me want to recreate the looks I was not  able to see  before( a mini look-book will be coming soon)

-Also , wanting to get inspired like I did? The new issue of Blending Magazine will hit stands in May so be on the lookout to peep my exclusive interview !

With week 2 ending I cannot wait to see what the 3rd week has in store for me to share with you!  Until next time CIA ,PREGO !!

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My Italian Love Story..


No this not about a cute Italian boy that swept me off my feet (if you find one let me know).This is all about my new found love for Italy. The people are literally so content and satisfied with there lives it’s hard not to be consumed by all of the beautiful people, buildings and the city itself. I found myself entering Italy with a huge culture shock I even broke down in tears in frustration  when I first arrived.That all changed when I wiped away by tears and looked around me.Italy had me at “buongiorno!” Throughout my 4 month stay in Italy I will be sharing some of my favorites dishes, places to see and so much more!Im super excited to share my experiences! Prego!Prego!