Hey ! This post is ALL about my reflection of the first week of my healthy lifestyle journey!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about.. make sure you check out my “Working out and Working on Me ” post.

Before I spill the tea on my first week, I thought it would be cool to share a copy of my workout plan . If you look below, you will see my 2 week workout plan. My plan has some goals I would like to accomplish and is centered around me  wanting to improve my stomach, thighs and butt.



So now that you see the workouts I will be doing and my goals… there was one HUGE thing I forgot to include in my first week — that is to love myself. Now I’m not saying during my first week I absolutely hated myself? What I mean is that I began comparing myself to others. I started downplaying my features and idolizing others (THE WORSE).

What makes matters even worse is that I was comparing myself to women who are 5’7 with a  smaller body frame. I’m 5’1, with a more curvy body frame. WHY in the world am I comparing myself to a body that’s the complete opposite of me??!!  ( Not saying saying you should compare yourself to others with similar body frames either) Doesn’t make sense right! The only thing comparing does is make you decide whether someone or something is more superior to something or someone else! So although I did complete my first week , I completed it with a horrible mindset. (BTW if this happens to you, it’s okay to regroup.) So I decided to make some mindset changes. I began reading motivational books, reading poetry and just kept in mind how blessed I am, instead of thinking how blessed I’m not!


Excerpt from, Manifesting Abundance by Beau Norton

Hopefully if you run into these similar  issues.. this will help!  Have you started to change you lifestyle for the better? It doesn’t necessarily have to be dieting or working out. Maybe you want to give your heart to God or you want to work on your brand, confidence etc. I’d like to know how your progress is in the comment section below!IMG_8833

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Working Out & Working on Me!

Hiya, when I first started this blog, I was super passionate about changing my lifestyle (eating , exercising etc). I referred to this as my summer journey and eventually adoptethe idea as an everyday thing. Unfortunately, like life.. my journey has been a roller coaster ride. One month I’m eating carbs like c r a z y , next two months, I’m working out and eating healthy. So I’m going to try this healthy thing AGAIN.


If you are thinking about changing your eating habits and getting in shape or even want to change your mindset, DO THIS with me! I plan on restarting, Sept. 10th (detox) & officially Sept. 11th as well as volunteering with the non-profit#FitnessWithoutBorders. If you want to come up with a plan together, leave a comment below (you have to put in your email to comment below & I promise I won’t spam you). Is there anything specific you want to work on ? For me it’s a flat stomach, toned quads, legs and nice butt!
(if you have any suggestions on yummy yet healthy meals let me know)For my specific goals I collaborated with my brother who happens to be a fitness guru for my specific goals & workout plan! He will be working one on one with me on some workouts with me and providing a meal plan just for me!! Again feel free to comment if you are interested in changing your lifestyle. If you want a specific workout routine or want to know what to eat and what not eat I will ask my brother for you !


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If you don’t feel comfortable asking me you can contact him via social media or if you want to get fit with others in your community visit !I can’t wait to see the progress!



Some questions need to be answered

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that life isn’t all unicorn kisses and butterflies! Especially in recent horrific events that have been happening (terrorist attacks all around the world & here in America ,hate crimes/shootings etc) . In the midst of it all, I have tried my best not to voice my opinion on things because let’s face it, issues like race and an individual’s sexuality preference are very touchy (especially to those who hear but don’t listen)! However, it seems like these are issues that will continue to prevail unless more people voice their opinion. This is what Perks of Being a Daisy was created for. A platform for me to discuss the things that are going on in my life and if you are willing to share and voice your opinion, feel free to share yours as well. Now to get straight to it, I will be discussing the issues and questions I have about RACE and the hate that comes with it.

FIRST , can we as a society please pretty please with a cherry on top STOP dividing ourselves, then turn around and get upset when others do the same or even worse believe one issue is more important than another ( I am guilty of doing this myself) .What am I talking about you ask ? A quick example is two blacks who have found love should be something recognized and admired AS well as an interracial couple that finds love ❤️. I never understood what makes BLACK love different from any other LOVE ? I understand that the culture is more along the same lines( even this isn’t true: African culture, American, Caribbean etc) but is it that horrible to experience different cultures too? Another division I can’t quite wrap my head around is the idea of beautiful being different depending on a specific race. Like the idea of having “black /hispanic features” (fuller lips, curvy body, dark skin) on non blacks is admired (Angelina Jolie, Kardashian/Jenner Clan) &  with ” European features ” (lighter skin, straight hair) being admired on blacks/hispanics etc ( Beyoncé, Halle Berry) .  It literally makes NO sense at all!! Something else that’s been on my mind is the people who feel like issues about race shouldn’t pertain to them because they aren’t (or don’t think they are ) racist. If we all had that mindset, the holocaust wouldn’t have come to end. In fact, the holocaust is proof that we as a society make issues our business when we care about that issue– am I right?

Downtown beautiful Orlando

Currently, I’m residing in Central Florida. I am so close to the Orlando area, so it’s no suprise that on just about every corner the PRIDE colors are distributed in representation for the LGBT community. I completely agree that something like sexual preference should NEVER be an excuse for hate . The PRIDE colors are Orlando’s way of showing unification that there’s no tolerance for such stupidity. But HELLO ORLANDO is the Pulse shooting the only horrible incident in Orlando? No, the Trayvon Martin incident also occurred in Orlando as well, Casey Anthony  or what about the many other ethnicities that make Orlando prosper like the Asian community and the Middle Eastern community ? Can we like come up with colors that represent the LGBT community, Black Lives Matter community and others ? Can we all just be against Hate in general?!?? I’m not trying to make a fuss I just need some answers for those who believe otherwise. WHAT MAKES ONE MOVEME– RACE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANOTHER? Aren’t we all the same race , the Human race! I really want to hear your thoughts. Comment below and share your thoughts.1503684740655


Rejection hurts like a …

Growing up , my mom did her best to prepare my sibilings and I for what to expect from the real world. You know, mom stuff like mind your manners, be good to those who aren’t good to you etc.But something I never really picked up she taught us was rejection. I’m not talking about the “mom can I get $20.00,” or ” mom can I get the new sidekick phone” rejections. Those rejections weren’t to hard to overcome because I already knew her response, plus she gave some kind of reasoning! The rejection, I’m talking about is the flat out unexpected  NO’s. 

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for those. When I was in Mykonos, Greece , I did a lot of exploring by myself. It was freeing but when I wanted to capture a great photo, I realized taking photos of beautiful views with yourself in it was difficult. So I figured no big deal , I’ll just ask someone. I see this lady, walking by herself and noticed she had an iPhone . (PERFECT! She has an iPhone,  she’ll know how to take my picture).  So I kindly ask her to take my picture and you know what she does… she looks me in the eye and says NO 😱 . At the time she said no, a few people were walking by and heard her!! I was SO embarrassed, shocked   and lowkey feeling really salty (I will admit I cursed her out a few times in my head… okay more than a few times) but I couldn’t help but feel some type of way. Granted this stranger wasn’t the first person to tell me no. To be honest, anything you can think of I think I’ve been rejected by. Let’s see, jobs ( ALL THE FUCKING TIME! They expect you to have SO much experience while you were balancing school, work and your health??!? How sway ? How?). People: like the lady in Greece, boys ( “you’re like a little sister” that’s a diss and a friend zone at the same time, “I don’t like black girls *eye rolls as they have dated plenty before) , my card ( DECLINED *forgot to move my money from my savings to my checkings oops), Hell, even dogs reject me sometimes !!!

Its kind of hard to not to feel down on yourself when the big NO happens. Actually, it starts to make you think about all the times you’ve rejected someone else (or another dog )and how it probably made them feel down. Shit sucks . But so does bad things in life and from that, I know it will pass. How I like to think about rejection now, is an opportunity on how to change someone’s NO to a HELL YEA. For jobs I’ve been rejected by, I grew some balls and asked them for their reasoning in a professional way. Sometimes they have a response, sometimes they provide no response (you didn’t have a problem responding NO so quick before). For someone like the lady, forcing her to take my picture would be harassment , so I’ll just have to suck it up and next time invest in a selfie stick 🤳🏾. For the boys , I think of it as a blessing in disguise ( BLACK GIRLS ROCK BTW ) I have more time to focus on goals I want for myself like getting back in shape, traveling , securing my bag .. you know boss tings (they are the ones that are missing out, not me & I don’t loose an ounce of sleep either) . For my card, I invested in the Wells Fargo app which provides me an easy access to quickly transfer funds ! Unfortunately, I’m still trying to figure out how to get over dog rejections ( maybe I can bribe them with treats?)

When’s the last time you’be been rejected? (Yesterday was the time I’ve been told NO. )Feel free to like this post & comment that rejection and let me know what you did or share this with a friend who’s dealing with a little rejection! Don’t forget to follow my page to stay updated on new post ! Until next time!

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YES, you read the title right . Instagram. I indeed found my self confidence from the social media platform. If you are a current user of Instagram you must know how incomplete and ashamed the platform must make you feel. Scroll through your timeline you see people having fun , smiling and basically looking happy. For me it made me seem like I was the only one not in the loop. But for that, I am so grateful! Grateful because I started to question the things I was doing, the plans I had for myself. I realized how superficial some of my plans were. I was so focused on things that seem or would look cool but I came to the understanding that the fake shit wasn’t going to make me happy. I mean that’s what Instagram is right! It’s the fake perception people want to give to others. We show ourselves at our best angles and prime time image! (Which is still cool..btw it shows creativity) Nothing is wrong with that! AT ALL! I mean who doesn’t want people to see them at there best? Besides always looking amazing, I also noticed that I was able see through the “perfect images ” as well. It allowed me to see celebrities, famous figures in a different light as well as myself. These people were not only showing us their good side but also their vulnerable side as well. And for me I seen the beauty in that. Being able to share apart of yourself to the world is amazing . And because of that , I began gaining more and more confidence of myself! Nobody is perfect, how beautiful is that? This ideal of wanting to be perfect connects us as humans. Just like the Beyoncé s in the world, the Lebron James and the Kim Kardashians. We ALL have imperfections that actually make us perfect and we all deserve to show that side to others. We shouldn’t be ashamed to strut and flaunt our perfect imperfections. Still confused? Basically what I’m saying is don’t be fooled by what you see on Instagram. The shit is fake, but the people who post aren’t. They are real ass imperfect people showing how perfect it is to be imperfect. Knowing this made me confident. Just know when you peep ( and hopefully like ) my photos you see that ya girl is genuinely happy and I’m proud of my imperfect life(@missderehney)I will continue to post my happiness. You should to (if it’s something you want)

P.S. UPDATE! Something I forgot to mention is the confidence shakers!! BE AWARE!! There will be people once they see you becoming more confident or loving yourself  try and shake that from you. These people( comes in the form of family, friends and strangers) sometimes do it on purpose some do it unintentionally. Whatever the case don’t let it discourage you. Keep on loving YOURSELF and show them some too.

I was dared & I did ..



Remember that post I made about wanting to challenge myself and do some dares during my time in Italy? Well the results are in people I have  completed like…. 4 dares ( yes, I said like 4 maybe even 5) . Now I know I was supposed to be doing atleast 15 of my dares but it was really hard to accomplish when traveling and trying to really capture this beautiful country. So no I didn’t fully complete my dares BUT I did complete 4 or 5 dares and that should count for something right? Right! (If you said no, you try being in a different country and complete 15 dares) So here are the dares I have completed …

Dare #1 go on a random day trip

– took a random trip the the beautiful city of Verona, Italy. (The setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)



Dare #2 Go dancing in front of people

– in the middle of the floor I attempted to salsa dance during jazz night at La Menagere (cutest coffee/restaurant/bar  in Florence)


Dare #3 this was a random dare my roommate challenged me to do btw : Go inside of this sketchy apartment

– challenged accepted! I did and boy was I creeped out. There was like a group of stoned guys having a jam session. They were so stoned no one saw me !!! Whewwwh.

Dare #4 Eat something disgusting.

Seaweed smothered in some nasty ass sauce . YUCK 🤢

Dare #5 Go to a random stranger and ask if they have had sex today ( I think she wanted me to die that day)

-Momma didn’t raise no punk so I did it! I went to a random lady and asked her the question. Not sure if she just didn’t understand the question or she was shocked.

There you have it folks, me Dere Hney being a daredevil (kind of) and fulfilling my dares. Regardless of anyone else’s opinion I’m super proud I accomplished what I did.  Guess it goes to show you that you can really do anything , it’s up to you on if you WILL do it.

Read me when feeling negative. 👎🏾

1491008028491Before coming to Italy I had this idea that my entire life was going to change for the better.Someway and somehow when I returned home I would be a new woman. Instead of my life changing, my perspective on life has.I’m starting to see things a little differently .How so you ask? Well let’s see, back home I was always stressed with work , school and God knows what else. Constantly being on the go never allowed me to relax a little and enjoy the moment. Here I’ve enjoyed SO many random moments it’s hard to keep count. Whether it was spending hours in he kitchen whipping up dinner for my roommates or my solo walks through the busy Florentine streets. I was able to marinate the moment. (Yes, I said marinate) Something else I see differently here is the positivity. No, I’m not saying Italy is the best place in the world (pretty close) or you’ll always be happy (you will once you eat truffled pizza)! That’s unrealistic, plus happiness just like everything in this world is not permanent. Happiness comes and goes just like life. What I’m saying about positivity is the architecture, the vibes and even the people (except for the scammers and haters) are forms of positivity! How can you be in Italy and not be positive? When I have negative thoughts or bad vibes from people I think about where I am and how extremely lucky and blessed I am to be here in Italy! ( & for those who are thinking , anyone can go to Italy.. that is true, however why isn’t everyone in Italy?)Being in Italy , thus far has inspired me beyond measures and given me so much confidence in myself. Sorry for this post being so long , but I thought I would share some positive vibes to whoever reads this. Don’t let anyone break you, taint your positive energy or steal your mojo. You don’t have to be in Italy for your perspective to change about life and even yourself (the food, fashion and scenery is a bonus) but you do have to take a minute and take in life while you’re living in it!

*Random fact: this dope ass picture was captured in Mykonos, Greece. Such a positive beauty .. am I right?!(No not me , the pic)