Baring it ALL..

No, not baring all as in naked. What I mean is that I will be sharing a little bit about myself starting with a make up free Dere (the header picture).

Anyway you’re probably asking, isn’t Perks of a Daisy–me, already sharing a little bit of myself? Well , Yes & No. Yes, I do share some of my thoughts and experiences…however, I think it’s really important to know the woman behind the daisy!  This is sort of like a get to know Dere post. (. –> GO LIKE THIS POST BEFORE YOU READ FURTHER 😊)

So without further ado:

5 Random, yet interesting ( I like to think so) facts about me…

1. Although I am only 22 years old, I have developed cataracts in my right eye! ( I like to think it allows me to see people and the world differently ).

2. My nickname growing up was “ReRe”(I stopped answering to that to get my parents to stop calling me that… it didn’t really work!)

3. I have a slight obsession with amines: Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Vampire Knight , InuYasha.. the list goes on and on !I used to be embarrassed by this but I embrace my geeky side now! Lol IMG_8625

4. After being rejected ( make sure to check out my rejection post lol) via Facebook, I cried and cried over my crush for weeks! I even finished a tub of ice cream in one setting!IMG_8627

Fast forward 1 year later (2013)De ja vu repeats its course, because  after I was rejected AGAIN my freshman year in college, I cried for months and finished a bottle of alcohol in one sitting 😭

& the last interesting/random fact about me is..

5. I am a food eating champion! In high school I entered a Fear Factor eating contest & dominated 3 YEARS IN A ROW! (Hey Ludacris, what’s good?)

* Bonus random fact, I have a shopping addiction! If I go inside a store I have this urge to shop.. shop.. shop! I even start imagining myself in the outfits & see my life SO differently (yes, a cute outfit will do that too me). Recently, I have been controlling my addiction involuntary because I can’t financially… for now!

I’m interested in hearing some random facts about you! ( I want to know who I’m sharing with) ! ALSO Don’t forget to follow my blog & If you want to know more about me or want to share your facts, comment below (enter your email in the comment section–NO , it’s not spam) !


August Favorites

Business casual with a twist! 1502146903462

  •  This outfit is perfect for an everyday look, whether you want to slay in the office or grab a couple of drinks with the girls. (Instead of a bandeau, you can try a tank top or a shirt with longer sleeves–depending on your preference)

(Click on the pictures to see where I purchased it from)

Running on Military fine:

jacket from Wal-mart
  • We all know the camouflage trend is making its way back into our closets (did it ever really leave?) . Say goodbye to pairing up your camouflage piece with the normal black, white and brown color scheme. Instead get some attention with a pop of color! Red!! Yellow!! Orange!! The funkier the better



Pretty n Pink1502146788514

  • This super fun girly fit definitely has a 90’s vibe to it.  It’s fun for those extra girl days you have ! Oh did I mention that this SUPER cute body suit was purchased at Ross for less than $12 and the shoes for less than $15!!!! Thank me later!

Try some of these looks with your own twist to it and let me know what you did! Or if there’s a few styles you want me to try but on a budget, let me know in the comment section and I will post a look book on the outfits and where you can find it! Also ,Make sure you keep up to date on my new fashion looks and more by providing your email address and following Perks of a Daisy. Until next time ✌🏾


My 3 Favorite things: Food, Fuckboys and more Fashion

It is now my second week here in Florence, Italy and I have found just a few more reasons to fall in love with Italy. The first is the ..

FoodEvery corner you turn around there are pizza shops and gelato shops that it makes it impossible to make a decision on what places to eat. So like the awesome person I am, I’ve made it a little easier for you in case you find yourself wanting to fall in love with Italy like I have!  

Pictured Left to right:

Black Bar: Looking for some tastey tiramisu gelato or some healthy but mouthwatering pizza ? Check this place out! Located near the town square, always crowded but definitely worth the hassle.

Zaza: (MY ULTIMATE FAV)So this place has a very fancy vibe going on, but don’t worry you don’t have to dress to impress to visit this place. The steaks are huge and they even have truffles pasta at a reasonable price. Now make sure you make some room for the cheesecake because it is to die for!! (Bonus the staff is really attractive as well)

Lampredotto Food Stands: You can find at least 5 of these Food stands spreaded throughout the city. Now if you are a fan of having food change your life, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! You have the option of having your delicious lampredotto soaked in a steamy broth with basic green sauce or having it spiced up with some chili sauce.They are made fresh to order and absolutely addicting.

Tea Room: This cute bar was discovered while I was getting lost in the city. There are 3 major sections in this cafe. First there is the main floor that is made for bigger meals, next there is the bar area where couples tend to linger at then there is an outside patio where you get a perfect view of the city streets.

The Diner: The Diner is like Cracker Barrel  with an Italian twist. So they take traditional breakfast favorites and recreate them the Italian way. The theme of the restaurant is an old fashion American diner with spacious seating and lively music ( heads up the staff kind of sucks).

Fuckboys: The Italian boys are literally beautiful here. Strong accents , full beards and plus they are Italian! But apparently no matter what country you are in, there’s no escaping  them! (Fuckboys , that is) They try flirting with you and turn around and do it with another girl RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE?!??? Then they turn around with their beautiful accents and win you back over.. let’s say it together F U C K B O Y S. Another thing I noticed with these fuckboys is that they are really not gentlemen like. I have had atleast 10 guys damn near push me off of the side walks when I’m walking and the other 12 try and speak another language when sexually undressing you with their eyes. Let’s say it one more time F U C K  B O Y!

Fashion: During my second week here, I was blessed with the amazing  opportunity to sit down with the fashionable creative director of the biggest advertising agency/public relations firm in Italy.   During this interview I was able to gain insight on what it means to be innovative and too see how passion and work can lead to making your dreams come true! I was able to get a walking tour of Aria Advertising as well as some secret locations .  Having the interview inspired me to change up my style and try new things, seeing how color and and bold prints being put together in a sandwich makes me want to recreate the looks I was not  able to see  before( a mini look-book will be coming soon)

-Also , wanting to get inspired like I did? The new issue of Blending Magazine will hit stands in May so be on the lookout to peep my exclusive interview !

With week 2 ending I cannot wait to see what the 3rd week has in store for me to share with you!  Until next time CIA ,PREGO !!

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