August Favorites

Business casual with a twist! 1502146903462

  •  This outfit is perfect for an everyday look, whether you want to slay in the office or grab a couple of drinks with the girls. (Instead of a bandeau, you can try a tank top or a shirt with longer sleeves–depending on your preference)

(Click on the pictures to see where I purchased it from)

Running on Military fine:

jacket from Wal-mart
  • We all know the camouflage trend is making its way back into our closets (did it ever really leave?) . Say goodbye to pairing up your camouflage piece with the normal black, white and brown color scheme. Instead get some attention with a pop of color! Red!! Yellow!! Orange!! The funkier the better



Pretty n Pink1502146788514

  • This super fun girly fit definitely has a 90’s vibe to it.  It’s fun for those extra girl days you have ! Oh did I mention that this SUPER cute body suit was purchased at Ross for less than $12 and the shoes for less than $15!!!! Thank me later!

Try some of these looks with your own twist to it and let me know what you did! Or if there’s a few styles you want me to try but on a budget, let me know in the comment section and I will post a look book on the outfits and where you can find it! Also ,Make sure you keep up to date on my new fashion looks and more by providing your email address and following Perks of a Daisy. Until next time ✌🏾



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