Rejection hurts like a …

Growing up , my mom did her best to prepare my sibilings and I for what to expect from the real world. You know, mom stuff like mind your manners, be good to those who aren’t good to you etc.But something I never really picked up she taught us was rejection. I’m not talking about the “mom can I get $20.00,” or ” mom can I get the new sidekick phone” rejections. Those rejections weren’t to hard to overcome because I already knew her response, plus she gave some kind of reasoning! The rejection, I’m talking about is the flat out unexpected  NO’s. 

I don’t think anyone can prepare you for those. When I was in Mykonos, Greece , I did a lot of exploring by myself. It was freeing but when I wanted to capture a great photo, I realized taking photos of beautiful views with yourself in it was difficult. So I figured no big deal , I’ll just ask someone. I see this lady, walking by herself and noticed she had an iPhone . (PERFECT! She has an iPhone,  she’ll know how to take my picture).  So I kindly ask her to take my picture and you know what she does… she looks me in the eye and says NO 😱 . At the time she said no, a few people were walking by and heard her!! I was SO embarrassed, shocked   and lowkey feeling really salty (I will admit I cursed her out a few times in my head… okay more than a few times) but I couldn’t help but feel some type of way. Granted this stranger wasn’t the first person to tell me no. To be honest, anything you can think of I think I’ve been rejected by. Let’s see, jobs ( ALL THE FUCKING TIME! They expect you to have SO much experience while you were balancing school, work and your health??!? How sway ? How?). People: like the lady in Greece, boys ( “you’re like a little sister” that’s a diss and a friend zone at the same time, “I don’t like black girls *eye rolls as they have dated plenty before) , my card ( DECLINED *forgot to move my money from my savings to my checkings oops), Hell, even dogs reject me sometimes !!!

Its kind of hard to not to feel down on yourself when the big NO happens. Actually, it starts to make you think about all the times you’ve rejected someone else (or another dog )and how it probably made them feel down. Shit sucks . But so does bad things in life and from that, I know it will pass. How I like to think about rejection now, is an opportunity on how to change someone’s NO to a HELL YEA. For jobs I’ve been rejected by, I grew some balls and asked them for their reasoning in a professional way. Sometimes they have a response, sometimes they provide no response (you didn’t have a problem responding NO so quick before). For someone like the lady, forcing her to take my picture would be harassment , so I’ll just have to suck it up and next time invest in a selfie stick 🤳🏾. For the boys , I think of it as a blessing in disguise ( BLACK GIRLS ROCK BTW ) I have more time to focus on goals I want for myself like getting back in shape, traveling , securing my bag .. you know boss tings (they are the ones that are missing out, not me & I don’t loose an ounce of sleep either) . For my card, I invested in the Wells Fargo app which provides me an easy access to quickly transfer funds ! Unfortunately, I’m still trying to figure out how to get over dog rejections ( maybe I can bribe them with treats?)

When’s the last time you’be been rejected? (Yesterday was the time I’ve been told NO. )Feel free to like this post & comment that rejection and let me know what you did or share this with a friend who’s dealing with a little rejection! Don’t forget to follow my page to stay updated on new post ! Until next time!

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