Daycations with Dere

For most of us , it is summer time. Which means hot sunny days, ice cream , the time to make memories and vacation time! There’s nothing I enjoy more than taking time for my self and going on a vacation (well food of course). Unfortunately, for me I am on a tight budget after my time in Italy and can’t afford to go cruising. But that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on all the fun! So if you too are on a budget and need some you time keep reading..

DAYCATION ! A daycation is basically a day vacation where you can put aside your worries and bullshit and just relax. So that is exactly what I did. First I made a list of my favorite things to do on vacation.

1. Different routine

2. Food

3. Freedom

4. The drinks

5. Enjoying the fresh air!

6. Pictures, or it didn’t happen!

After making this list I realized although doing these 6 things in Europe or on the beaches of St. Thomas was amazing, those things are also do-able any place in the world including my backyard. Yes I said it, my back yard! I bet you can guess what I did next. I put together a little picnic for my self in my backyard that literally hit each of the things mentioned on my list. I gathered some books I have been wanting to read to change up my routine ( when is the last time you’ve read a good book? If recent,drop some titles in the comment section).Next, I gathered some of my favorite snacks like almonds, granola and fruit and made a mini fruit bowl (recipe in “For My Foodies” section) . Freedom was the easiest part for me. I just threw on a swim suit without a care in the world . I didn’t have to worry about if I was wearing too less hell,  I didn’t even shave off the little stubble on my legs (NOW THATS TRUE FREEDOM). After commending myself I grabbed a bottle of my favorite moscato ,went out side with my little picnic basket and enjoyed the fresh air (and the ridiculously hot sun) . Once I reached near the end of my book , I was able to take in the moment and take some bomb ass picture (on my Instagram @missderehney) to capture this happiness ! To some this may not seem like a vacation, but for me it was. I almost felt as if I was back in Italy, surrounded by life and postivite vibes and ALL for $0 . This was my daycation and I plan on sharing some more daycation ideas in case you want some ideas on how to relax or get some you time! Until next time. 1501108802153


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