Chicken Alfredo pull apart

You read that right I’m a cheater…A diet cheater that is! For anyone on a lifestyle journey of trying to stay fit and eat healthy well you probably want to stand clear of this dish! IT WILL MAKE YOU CHEAT! There was no way I could turn down this delicious cheat meal . So with out further ado …

Here’s what you will need :

  • Loaf of French bread
  • tomatoes (use a half of a tomato then diced)
  • cooked, diced chicken
  • alfredo sauce
  • cheese : I used a mix of swiss and provolone (1 cup of each, mix together)
  • Cooked bacon (6 pieces chopped)
  • Personal seasoning mix : I used Italian seasoning, rosemary, red pepper , salt and black pepper
  • olive oil
  • spinach
  • knife & a baking sheet


So first, preheat the oven to 375. Place bread on baking sheet.

Next you want to cut the loaf of bread in half (MAKE SURE YOU CUT  LESS OF THE BOTTOM) majority of the bread should be at the bottom. Once you finish that,  dig out the soft part of the bread like 👇🏾(Below) it should look like a boat or a loonnnng boat.


next you want to cover the bottom with Alfredo sauce. Use half of your sauce. (PSA you will not be using the top half of bread, in this recipe)IMG_8225

add the seasoning…

then use 1 cup of the cheese mix. Spread evenly. IMG_8224

Add the chicken IMG_8211

bacon time!! 😋 IMG_8217

Spread on the diced tomatoes..IMG_8226

then spinach. IMG_8214

cover top with more Alfredo sauce (NOT too much) IMG_8222

add the remainder of the cheese

drizzle top with olive oil IMG_8218

put the masterpiece in the oven for about 10-15 ( depending on the crunchiness you want )

take out cut in sections & …..  IMG_8069

If you try this recipe please let me know what you think! (You can thank me later) ! Hope you enjoy your cheat day, know I did.




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