(Viewers Discretion Advised, No moms were really slapped during the making of this recipe.. just maybe after)


Heeeey guys ! I have an exciting new HEALTHY recipe that’s a must try for anyone and everyone wanting to adjust their unhealthy eating habits. Are you ready for this?
What if you can take the creamy goodness of mash potatoes and also have the hearty goodness of cauliflower… WELL ITS POSSIBLE & this what and how!
So what you’re going to need is :
•head of cauliflower
•1 whole dill pickle
•1 garlic clover (chop it into smaller pieces)
•2 big spoonfuls of sour cream
•butter 1 spoonful or olive oil 3 swirls (I tried mine with olive oil)
•2 slices of onions (chopping into small pieces)
•food processor or blender
•1/4 of milk

Here’s what you want to do:
Boil the cauliflower first


Next you want to put the cooked cauliflower in your food processor or blender
Add the milk
MIX! ( you may have to stir and mix again if using a blender)
Add in the chopped dill pickles

pour in a pot
Throw in the garlic, onions, cheese, sour cream , (add seasoning ) cook on medium heat.
If you want it thicker add more cheese, other wise VIOLÁ✨ it’s a great pair with seafood!
Hope you enjoy & don’t worry you can thank me later or you can go ahead and thank me below in the comment section lol ALSO! make sure you are following me on social media ig: missderehney sc: derehneyxoxo


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