Home is where the Po’boys live⚜️



Louisana. The state where you can find the best muffulettas like EVER, the tastiest Po’boys and so much more. Before this trip I took to Louisana, I actually used to live in Louisiana with my family. Having this opportunity to visit where I grew up was amazing. Especially seeing New Orleans! You know the city of Jazz, The main setting for THE ORIGINALS (I’m obsessed ) and the world famous Café du Monde.       IMG_7410If you haven’t been I highly recommend going !( stay at the Dauphine Hotel..3rd/4rth floor are haunted) and if you’ve been before, plan another trip with your friends, family ,lover whoever. Get yourself a buddy and head there.  (Like I did 👇🏾)IMG_7056It’ll leave you wanting more (Jester’s Daiquiris) I mean more culture! Lol



Any of these places look familiar or interesting? Feel free to let me know your opinion of some of my favorite hotspots in NOLA or other places in Louisiana(LIKE CANES)IMG_7225


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