YES, you read the title right . Instagram. I indeed found my self confidence from the social media platform. If you are a current user of Instagram you must know how incomplete and ashamed the platform must make you feel. Scroll through your timeline you see people having fun , smiling and basically looking happy. For me it made me seem like I was the only one not in the loop. But for that, I am so grateful! Grateful because I started to question the things I was doing, the plans I had for myself. I realized how superficial some of my plans were. I was so focused on things that seem or would look cool but I came to the understanding that the fake shit wasn’t going to make me happy. I mean that’s what Instagram is right! It’s the fake perception people want to give to others. We show ourselves at our best angles and prime time image! (Which is still cool..btw it shows creativity) Nothing is wrong with that! AT ALL! I mean who doesn’t want people to see them at there best? Besides always looking amazing, I also noticed that I was able see through the “perfect images ” as well. It allowed me to see celebrities, famous figures in a different light as well as myself. These people were not only showing us their good side but also their vulnerable side as well. And for me I seen the beauty in that. Being able to share apart of yourself to the world is amazing . And because of that , I began gaining more and more confidence of myself! Nobody is perfect, how beautiful is that? This ideal of wanting to be perfect connects us as humans. Just like the Beyoncé s in the world, the Lebron James and the Kim Kardashians. We ALL have imperfections that actually make us perfect and we all deserve to show that side to others. We shouldn’t be ashamed to strut and flaunt our perfect imperfections. Still confused? Basically what I’m saying is don’t be fooled by what you see on Instagram. The shit is fake, but the people who post aren’t. They are real ass imperfect people showing how perfect it is to be imperfect. Knowing this made me confident. Just know when you peep ( and hopefully like ) my photos you see that ya girl is genuinely happy and I’m proud of my imperfect life(@missderehney)I will continue to post my happiness. You should to (if it’s something you want)

P.S. UPDATE! Something I forgot to mention is the confidence shakers!! BE AWARE!! There will be people once they see you becoming more confident or loving yourself  try and shake that from you. These people( comes in the form of family, friends and strangers) sometimes do it on purpose some do it unintentionally. Whatever the case don’t let it discourage you. Keep on loving YOURSELF and show them some too.


Home is where the Po’boys live⚜️



Louisana. The state where you can find the best muffulettas like EVER, the tastiest Po’boys and so much more. Before this trip I took to Louisana, I actually used to live in Louisiana with my family. Having this opportunity to visit where I grew up was amazing. Especially seeing New Orleans! You know the city of Jazz, The main setting for THE ORIGINALS (I’m obsessed ) and the world famous Café du Monde.       IMG_7410If you haven’t been I highly recommend going !( stay at the Dauphine Hotel..3rd/4rth floor are haunted) and if you’ve been before, plan another trip with your friends, family ,lover whoever. Get yourself a buddy and head there.  (Like I did 👇🏾)IMG_7056It’ll leave you wanting more (Jester’s Daiquiris) I mean more culture! Lol



Any of these places look familiar or interesting? Feel free to let me know your opinion of some of my favorite hotspots in NOLA or other places in Louisiana(LIKE CANES)IMG_7225


(Viewers Discretion Advised, No moms were really slapped during the making of this recipe.. just maybe after)


Heeeey guys ! I have an exciting new HEALTHY recipe that’s a must try for anyone and everyone wanting to adjust their unhealthy eating habits. Are you ready for this?
What if you can take the creamy goodness of mash potatoes and also have the hearty goodness of cauliflower… WELL ITS POSSIBLE & this what and how!
So what you’re going to need is :
•head of cauliflower
•1 whole dill pickle
•1 garlic clover (chop it into smaller pieces)
•2 big spoonfuls of sour cream
•butter 1 spoonful or olive oil 3 swirls (I tried mine with olive oil)
•2 slices of onions (chopping into small pieces)
•food processor or blender
•1/4 of milk

Here’s what you want to do:
Boil the cauliflower first


Next you want to put the cooked cauliflower in your food processor or blender
Add the milk
MIX! ( you may have to stir and mix again if using a blender)
Add in the chopped dill pickles

pour in a pot
Throw in the garlic, onions, cheese, sour cream , (add seasoning ) cook on medium heat.
If you want it thicker add more cheese, other wise VIOLÁ✨ it’s a great pair with seafood!
Hope you enjoy & don’t worry you can thank me later or you can go ahead and thank me below in the comment section lol ALSO! make sure you are following me on social media ig: missderehney sc: derehneyxoxo