I was dared & I did ..



Remember that post I made about wanting to challenge myself and do some dares during my time in Italy? Well the results are in people I have  completed like…. 4 dares ( yes, I said like 4 maybe even 5) . Now I know I was supposed to be doing atleast 15 of my dares but it was really hard to accomplish when traveling and trying to really capture this beautiful country. So no I didn’t fully complete my dares BUT I did complete 4 or 5 dares and that should count for something right? Right! (If you said no, you try being in a different country and complete 15 dares) So here are the dares I have completed …

Dare #1 go on a random day trip

– took a random trip the the beautiful city of Verona, Italy. (The setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet)



Dare #2 Go dancing in front of people

– in the middle of the floor I attempted to salsa dance during jazz night at La Menagere (cutest coffee/restaurant/bar  in Florence)


Dare #3 this was a random dare my roommate challenged me to do btw : Go inside of this sketchy apartment

– challenged accepted! I did and boy was I creeped out. There was like a group of stoned guys having a jam session. They were so stoned no one saw me !!! Whewwwh.

Dare #4 Eat something disgusting.

Seaweed smothered in some nasty ass sauce . YUCK 🤢

Dare #5 Go to a random stranger and ask if they have had sex today ( I think she wanted me to die that day)

-Momma didn’t raise no punk so I did it! I went to a random lady and asked her the question. Not sure if she just didn’t understand the question or she was shocked.

There you have it folks, me Dere Hney being a daredevil (kind of) and fulfilling my dares. Regardless of anyone else’s opinion I’m super proud I accomplished what I did.  Guess it goes to show you that you can really do anything , it’s up to you on if you WILL do it.