Read me when feeling negative. 👎🏾

1491008028491Before coming to Italy I had this idea that my entire life was going to change for the better.Someway and somehow when I returned home I would be a new woman. Instead of my life changing, my perspective on life has.I’m starting to see things a little differently .How so you ask? Well let’s see, back home I was always stressed with work , school and God knows what else. Constantly being on the go never allowed me to relax a little and enjoy the moment. Here I’ve enjoyed SO many random moments it’s hard to keep count. Whether it was spending hours in he kitchen whipping up dinner for my roommates or my solo walks through the busy Florentine streets. I was able to marinate the moment. (Yes, I said marinate) Something else I see differently here is the positivity. No, I’m not saying Italy is the best place in the world (pretty close) or you’ll always be happy (you will once you eat truffled pizza)! That’s unrealistic, plus happiness just like everything in this world is not permanent. Happiness comes and goes just like life. What I’m saying about positivity is the architecture, the vibes and even the people (except for the scammers and haters) are forms of positivity! How can you be in Italy and not be positive? When I have negative thoughts or bad vibes from people I think about where I am and how extremely lucky and blessed I am to be here in Italy! ( & for those who are thinking , anyone can go to Italy.. that is true, however why isn’t everyone in Italy?)Being in Italy , thus far has inspired me beyond measures and given me so much confidence in myself. Sorry for this post being so long , but I thought I would share some positive vibes to whoever reads this. Don’t let anyone break you, taint your positive energy or steal your mojo. You don’t have to be in Italy for your perspective to change about life and even yourself (the food, fashion and scenery is a bonus) but you do have to take a minute and take in life while you’re living in it!

*Random fact: this dope ass picture was captured in Mykonos, Greece. Such a positive beauty .. am I right?!(No not me , the pic)