Keep calm & take a break

It’s almost 2 months since I’ve started my summer journey.( I hope that you’ve made some progress in whatever you set out to do!) For me I have been seeing the difference in my face as I drink more water and take my makeup off before I go to bed (pictures coming sooooon) BUT that’s not what this post is about. Today’s post is about the importance of breakups! Breaking up with Β your makeup, bad habits , significant others and even your phone! Now before you roll your eyes or sigh under your breath .. Just here me out! I’m not saying to go out breaking up with people , but What I am saying is to make time for the important things–yourself 😊 What’s more important than you? When you are constantly on the go and imageexchanging your time with people and objects the value of those things seems to get lost like hair ties. So before you start loosing value for your shit, take a break from it. Do something you haven’t done for awhile or ever done!

You’ve been using the same makeup for awhile?DUMP IT and try going bare for a little ( or try out a different brand lol)

Dranking the same drink? What a bore..

dump it! And I mean dump it in your friends mouth because there’s no need to waste drinks!

Break ups are hard but once you put yourself first … You’ll see it was worth it. Also breakups don’t last forever unless you want it to! Until next time, keep calm & take a break!.. You deserve it!


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