Just made week one my ..

For My Foodies

So I have officially finished the first week of my journey, Bring out the champagne!!

Now I will be honest , I definitely caught myself making a few slip ups here and there. Eating the chocolate covered pretzels instead of the regular kind. But regardless, I am still super proud! Throughout this first week I learned and researched some awesome remedies all skin types can add to their facial routines such as honey and pure olive oil being good for ALL skin types , as well as some new recipes I found that helped me save money and still be conscious of what I’m eating.   If you or anyone you know has some yummy yet healthy recipes feel free to share! Here’s a recipe I created during this first week of my journey. My co-workers raved about it and I don’t mean to toot my own horn but ..*toot toot. I call this pasta recipe…

The Cheesey Way Out:

bag of frozen spinach ( you’re only going to need a cup)

full bottle of Parmesan cheese(3 cups)

mozzarella cheese (1 cup)

soy milk (2 cups)

pasta (desired amount varies)

(any seasoning you want : I refrained from salt and just used Italian seasoning and oregano and garlic)

start by boiling the pasta…

while the pasta is boiling grab 2 skillets. One for the spinach the second for the cheese.

in one skillet dump the spinach in it on medium.

Add the milk and parmesan cheese ingredients in another skillet on medium. (Just keep stirring)

once the cheese sauce is liquified and the spinach is cooked, add the spinach to the sauce and add your seasoning as you constantly stir.

reduce the heat once the mixture is combined properly , then add the mozzarella cheese! Turn skillet to a low temperature .

it doesn’t take your pasta too long to cook , once  your noodles are soft , drain the water .

Put the cooked pasta on a plate add your sauce and VOLIA! (Side note I added chicken to mine, it’s a preference, pasta is still delicious with or without)