I’ve been (PINK)ing about you

So recently I’ve really been into decorating. Whether it’s making dinner look pretty and fancy or even my  bathroom ( my bedroom is a completely different story) . Mixing and matching different patterns and styles have really been giving me a high lately. I don’t know if it’s the retail life in me or if I’ve been watching too much HGTV. Either way I like  it and thought I would share some fun ideas if you or someone you know needs help coming up with an idea for a party.

FIRST you need a theme. Figure out the color scheme and base the theme after that ( using something in pop culture is somewhere to start)

example: Champagne Mami ( sort of like Champagne Papi)

Purple Reign

Lemonade themed pool party…

s e c o n d l y, you need to name it! It’s what gives the party life ( well other than the oxygen & people in the room)

TH!RDLY the best part.. SHOPPING! Whether it’s dollar tree, Walmart, Michael’s or even Party City !

Last but least HAVE FUN while you’re decorating!


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