Summer Journey 2016

Today is the day i start my summer journey! I’m so excited to start this, I hope you are too! To start the journey off,  below are pictures of where I want to see change. My pictures are unedited and completely raw images. Who’s ready for (sum)mer change? I know I am!!


I’ve been (PINK)ing about you

So recently I’ve really been into decorating. Whether it’s making dinner look pretty and fancy or even my  bathroom ( my bedroom is a completely different story) . Mixing and matching different patterns and styles have really been giving me a high lately. I don’t know if it’s the retail life in me or if I’ve been watching too much HGTV. Either way I like  it and thought I would share some fun ideas if you or someone you know needs help coming up with an idea for a party.

FIRST you need a theme. Figure out the color scheme and base the theme after that ( using something in pop culture is somewhere to start)

example: Champagne Mami ( sort of like Champagne Papi)

Purple Reign

Lemonade themed pool party…

s e c o n d l y, you need to name it! It’s what gives the party life ( well other than the oxygen & people in the room)

TH!RDLY the best part.. SHOPPING! Whether it’s dollar tree, Walmart, Michael’s or even Party City !

Last but least HAVE FUN while you’re decorating!

Want to Join?





Starting May 23rd 2016 I will be starting my first ever summer journey. NO it’s not a journey on finding love and NO it’s not a journey on finding my purpose( at least not yet). This journey will be focusing on inner confidence based on new skin routines, exercises and eating habits. It may not be the most exciting journey but it definitely has to be the healthiest.

I didn’t really have any , just tired of making excuses on why I’m not healthy or in the best shape of my life. The real question is, what’s your inspiration? Whatever it is, I hope it sparks your interest to join me in this journey. If you come up with your biggest inspirations , interested or have any suggestions for me feel free to comment !

Hope you join the journey #Summer360 #JoinTheJourney #WhatsYourInspiration?