Shit Happens🤕

Have you ever had one of those amazing weeks where it felt as if your life was finally coming together? You got that promotion you have always wanted , your crush knows you exist or you were just happy with life in general? I know for me I get these weeks occasionally and boy do I feel on top of the world ! But all good things must come to an end.. and well in life, shit happens. It’s like when you’re finally at peace something comes around to bring you back to reality . It’s like the happier you are, the more things pile up. Just recently, I’ve had this encounter. I asked others how did they deal with it. I know I could not be the only one who felt this way. People either acted like they didn’t know what the hell I was talking about or   they gave me some psycho babble about forces that keep the world at a balance . None of their advice seemed to help until I came across one of Joel Osteen’s sermons about designating your own destiny. He talked about how what we say and speak about ourselves is what we get. I’ve always thought that every time I’m happy something bad happens but when I put those thoughts into words I destined my life that way! I mean I know we are human and we can’t help what we think about, but we have full control over what we say! Think about it. That time you felt as if the universe was against you, was it based off of something you spoke into existence ? You can’t speak negative and expect a positive life. It just doesn’t work like that. I am a strong believer in God and regardless of your religion I hope you at least believe in positivity . If you are having a bad day or week I hope this will help and if it does , share the positivity with someone else. Well until next time I win the lottery and have traveled all around the world ( see speaking positive)👌🏾


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