Nothing Virgin About My Drinks.

Spring Break is right around the corner. You’re either doing 3 things. 1. Going somewhere with your friends and alcohol. 2. You’re working all spring break and drinking. 3 Not doing a damn thing– well besides finishing that left over liquor bottle you have stashed away. For me I definitely plan on doing all three. No, I’m not  a raging alcoholic, I just feel like what’s the point of Spring Break if you aren’t going  to drink a lotta ? ( FYI : I am not a raging alcoholic. I just can’t drink legally here in the USA so now that I have the opportunity to drink legally in the Virgin Islands..i’m going all out ) and So since I have less than 2 weeks before the big week, I’ve decided to do some research on some alcohol, which ones to stay away from and which ones with be my main companion during my trip to the virgin islands.

What I  WILL NOT TRY: In the clip I have provided two idiots who are downing 95% proof of straight alcohol.

Did anyone else almost vomit after watching?

I also plan on staying away from anything that starts with Pa and ends with Tron. Basically because I love living. Tried it twice and lets just say I was out cold  and it has put me in some really scary situations ( will be on a completely different post)

Cheap  Vodka HELL NO. I’m sorry but having my esophagus burn and my taste buds messed up doesn’t sound like fun  to me. I mean yeah , I know alcohol isn’t supposed to be super pleasant but I want to at least make a cute face if I’m being an idiot and downing the shot.

What I will try:

You ever wake up and look in the mirror and be like DAMMMN DANIELL, Back at it again with your fine self? Yeah, me neither, for one thing my name isn’t Daniel and second, no. BUT give me a shot of tequila mixed with sugar, fruit, sugar , ice and more sugar, well by golly my name is Daniel.  Put any fruity drink mixed with alcohol in my hand and you get something fierce. Something like a daiquiri , margarita, jello shots, cranberry and vodka. I swear I’m fiercer than Sasha Fierce. ( btw no way am I saying that alcohol should be looked upon as your go to for a confidence boost, personally I just feel free-er which is a different yet beautiful quality I don’t express often) Just thinking about all this gets me super excited for my trip and low-key sick with all  this alcohol talk. Until next time..






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